A Remote Roofing Sales Guide

Due to concerns about the Coronavirus/COVID-19, conventions, concerts, and other events are being canceled left and right. Businesses have also had to rethink their work and sales strategies.

From working from home to finding creative ways to “meet” and communicate with leads and clients, roofing contractors will also need to adapt if they want to maintain their sales numbers in a world where handshakes could be risky. Here are 4 surefire ways to keep up with your current numbers remotely.

1) Cut out face-to-face intro meetings

If you rely on people calling in to book meetings with you to make sales, it’s time to pivot and try something new, or increase the other efforts you’re already making to create new leads.

The best way to replace face-to-face sales is by taking advantage of all the ways you can create leads online. Here are some of the best ways to set yourself up for online lead generation:

Create useful content that shows off who you are

Generate leads with useful content so your website shows up when people search for the services and products you offer. Be active on your website with articles answering common questions you get asked and show off pictures of jobs you’ve done to build trust.

Run ads with Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising

Set up ads on search engines like Google and Bing for keywords you’d like to be found for. For example, if you want your leads to be people looking for your services in your state, you can create campaigns for keywords and phrases like “best roofing company <state>” or “roofing quotes” targeting people in your service area.

These campaigns will run for as long as you’d like and can be modified or paused at any time. Anyone clicking on your ad will be sent to your landing page to get more information about your company and services.

Use Social Media

Have company pages set up for your business on a few of the major social media sites. Having a Facebook page active for your company should be your top priority if you either don’t have one yet or you already do but haven’t been updating it as you should. Make sure your page is visually appealing with a profile picture and a captivating cover photo (we suggest your company logo or a photo of a job you’re particularly proud of).

You can also put a little money into paid social ads. On Facebook, for example, you can choose to either “boost” a post made on your page and have it be seen by people who are interested in your services, or you can create specific, targeted ads for anyone who may be interested in getting their roof fixed or replaced.

Pick a budget that you’re comfortable with (you can start with as little as $5 a day), create an ad or a post that links to the landing page you’ve created and watch the potential buyers and engagement roll in.

2) Turn your meeting time into phone time.

The time you gain from creating quality leads online with the methods above should be transferred to desk time. Driving around to meet people takes time, especially if your service area is large. Try a call instead.

The phone should replace your first meeting and the goal should be to qualify the homeowner, answer any of their questions and gather the information necessary to provide them with an accurate price.

Put the pen and paper down and use a roof measurement software to figure out the dimensions of the home, discuss the products and services you offer and schedule a full walkthrough of the proposal you’ll be putting together for the homeowner after your call. Set a date and time to then discuss their project in-depth, and follow up right after with an email and a link to book a virtual meeting.

3) Close jobs remotely with screen sharing

Whether you already incorporate online sales part-time or you haven’t really considered it at all, it’s time to prep for the potential of selling remotely full time, at least for the time being.

If you’re going to sell remotely, all you really need is the internet, a screen share application (like Crankwheel or Zoom), and a phone line or VOIP (voice over IP) connection. At the time of your meeting, give the homeowner access to view your screen and go over your proposal for their home.

Make any changes on the spot, discuss the options and price levels you have available and make sure the homeowner is happy with what you’ve put together for them.

Use Roofgraf’s map feature to highlight any roofing jobs you’re particularly proud of and show how many jobs you’ve completed. This will help build a relationship with the person on the other end, especially if you’re trying to limit in-person/at-home visits to the actual job.

4) Use a roofing software

In times where meeting people in person is difficult, a good roof quote software can be your best friend. Working remotely doesn’t have to be hard if everything you need can be accessed from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Roofgraf is an all-in-one measurement and roofing proposal tool that allows you to create jobs anywhere, any time. Just enter an address, trace the outlines of the roof and let the software do the rest. From auto-detecting roof pitch, creating smart templates, offering “good, better, best” options and automating roof reports, all while using the best in HD imagery from Nearmap, Roofgraf has you covered from the start of your remote process from lead to sale.


While things might be uncertain right now, it doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to get around restrictions and continue to sell at your current rate or even better. With a few adjustments to your sales and lead generation process, you can ensure that you stay ahead no matter the circumstances.

Have you made it to the bottom of this article without signing up yet? Give Roofgraf a try risk-free now and let our industry-leading software and customer support show you why we’re the best in the game at helping roofers like you close more sales, grow their businesses and save valuable time. 


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