How Competing With Yourself Eliminates Your Competition – The Ultimate Guide for Roofers

Every season, it’s like clockwork: new Roofing contractors appear out of nowhere with questionable  prices and lofty promises for their customers. Suddenly, without warning they vanish almost as fast as  they came, leaving the market more skeptical and challenging than ever to compete in. While these  scenarios are common in many industries, it’s crucial to remind ourselves that we shouldn’t try and  lower pricing to keep up with lesser competitors, instead we should increase our flexibility and make  the customer’s buying decision about ​your business ​and yours alone. Roofgraf has streamlined this  practice by creating the “Good-Better-Best” program. The following is how it works, how customers  react to the presentation and why it should be a staple of your business:

Flexibility is Everything 

Even though customers these days “know better”, often they are compelled to make their decisions  based on ​best value. ​To some homeowners, this may be the lowest price, to others it could be the  best bang for their buck, and to some it may even be the proposal with the most features available. It’s  important not only to clearly illustrate which is which, but also to offer all these options with each and  every proposal. Not only will this likely present a viable option that fits within your customer’s budget,  it discourages savvy customers that are “seeking the best deal” to go elsewhere as they are  pre-occupied with choosing between the quotes presented by you. Roofgraf clearly outlines these  options with the “Good-Better-Best” feature. Three options are strategically presented based on the  customer’s needs and what your business offers. These options are designed to highlight the ability  that your company is a “one stop shop” for their Roofing requirements, and whatever they may  choose is a winning solution, without having one option discredit the other.

Reinforcing the Objective 

Customers can often lose sight when shopping around with different Roofing contractors, where they  may have initially set out to get a simple life-cycle replacement of their shingles, now they have been  persuaded to remodel the entire architectural design of their roof. It’s important to identify the  customer’s goal for the project from the beginning, making gentle reminders to this throughout your  proposal and indicating this with the “Good-Better-Best” offering. By demonstrating that you’re  committed to the customer’s objective in all parts of the process, customers will avoid being  distracted by the idea of looking elsewhere for another quote and appreciate the convenience of the  solutions presented by your business. Roofgraf helps to reinforce this strategy by using professional  and customizable proposal templates that promote the customer’s objective and intuitively  displaying their goals with the “Good-Better-Best” proposal options.

Opportunities to Add Value

While some customers may have a clear path to their objective, others may be less informed, mainly  focused on their issue and their budget to fix it. This is also vital to identify early on, as these types of  customers can be easily overwhelmed and typically are the ones to divert to go get “some more  opinions”. Fortunately, using Roofgraf’s “Good-Better-Best” options in this case will act as a guide for  customers that can ​incrementally ​ understand what is being proposed and the price associated with  each component. For example: your customer wants to fix a nagging leak in their roof which has been  slowly spreading over the last little while, with Roofgraf’s proposal you can provide a quote that has  Option A – patch & repair the leak. ​ However, for the price they would pay for Option A, they should  also consider ​Option B – which would include patch & repair of the leak, as well as a replacement of  their shingles which are over 20 years old and are likely to present additional leaks in the near  future. ​ Alternatively, if they would like to take full advantage of the construction savings for your crew  already being on the roof, they should consider ​Option C – which bundles all the above, as well as  upgraded weatherproofing & extended warranty. ​ This will offer the customer the opportunity to get  that “best bang for their buck” – whichever the case may be for them, while allowing you to express  the value in dealing with your business versus another contractor who may just try and give them the  bare minimum for their effort, at a “great price”.

All things considered, homeowners have different motivations for getting roof work done. The  common denominator is they are seeking an expert to facilitate their solution while providing the best  value for their dollar. Instead of negotiating between quotes from different Roofing contractors that  may not even really be “apples to apples”, using the “Good-Better-Best” approach is the most  effective way to encompass all budget considerations, while providing a ​value-driven ​ solution to the  customer, respecting their objectives in a flexible manner that is solely provided by your company. Try  Roofgraf’s free trial today and learn more about how we can support your business.


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