3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Roofgraf

In a previous blog we showed you how technology can save your roofing business time and money. Today, we’ll go over exactly how you can maximize your sales and increase efficiency by getting started with your roofing proposal software and measurement tool subscription in 3 easy steps.

1) Attend a screenshare demonstration to learn more about how the roof measuring tool works.

So, you’ve landed here, and you’re wondering what Roofgraf is all about and how it can help you? Let us show you with a tailored demonstration of our measurement tool and proposal generator.

The first thing you’ll want to do is set up a demo with one of our reps, who will give you a full walkthrough of what our estimating and measurement software can do. They’ll take 15 minutes of your time to go over how to use our map services: Nearmap, Google, and Bing, and our specially designed algorithm to measure the area of a roof and generate accurate bids for your leads and clients. 

You’ll also learn how Roofgraf can not only generate roofing quotes for you but can also be used as a lead and customer management tool for your entire roofing company and staff. 

Your rep will also give you access to a 10-day free trial where you can take the roof measurement software for a spin on unlimited roofs. Give it a try on a desktop computer, phone or tablet since our roofing quote software is completely mobile friendly. 

2) Activate your account by selecting a subscription.

Now that you’ve gotten the lay of the land and have seen why having a business management software solution on your side can save you valuable time and keep your roofing contractors on the same page, you’ll want to keep the momentum going by subscribing to any one of our plans. No matter the size of your company, Roofgraf has a subscription plan for you. Whether you’re a smaller company doing up to 150 roofs a month and looking to scale, or a larger company tackling over 500, we have a plan for your needs. We also offer a discount on yearly plans as a thank you for your confidence and support in our product. 

3) Start using Roofgraf

After playing around with our free trial and selecting the subscription that’s right for your business, it’s time to make sure you have all your bases covered so that you can make the most of your account. This is where our trainers and customer service agents come in to make sure that you’ve seen the ins and outs of the tool and help you with any questions you might have. 


Once you subscribe, we’ll be reaching out to you to schedule a full session where a representative will give you a complete training of Roofgraf from start to finish, highlighting all the options that would suit your business. This training includes a walkthrough of all our best features including generating automated roof reports, auto-pitch and using smart templates. They’ll also discuss your company’s needs and help you tailor your account, and settings to them. 

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service agents by phone, email or LiveChat through your account dashboard. We have live support on weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CST. 

Not only is Roofgraf the best roofing software for calculating square footage and roof pitch but it’s highly customizable as well. Let the tool know your costs for roofing materials and labor as well as any extras or services you offer so that you can then add them to any project created at the click of a button. 

Do you offer any warranties or discounts? What about any extra costs added to your jobs? Set it up and toggle between options either at your desk, on the road or in front of a prospective client. Set up “Good-Better-Best” templates so that you can present multiple options to your buyers on each proposal and nab each sale by becoming your own competition.


Make sure to also send invites to your team members so that they can create accounts and use the software as well.

Now that you’ve seen what modern technology has to offer in the roofing industry, implement these tips and comment below how they’ve transformed your business. If you know of anything we didn’t mention, please do not hesitate to let us know as well in the comments so we can share it going forward.


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