The roofing industry is more competitive than ever these days. With all the new companies, tools, and sales strategies popping up seemingly every day, it can be hard to cut through all the noise and find the tips that are actionable and actually work. Here are 10 roofing sales tips that you can start implementing today to successfully grow your roofing business without wasting precious time or money.  

Top Roofing Sales Strategies 

Use these 10 roofing sales tips to maximize your sales and increase your profits on every job.  

1 – Ask for reviews and referrals 

An easy way to grow your business without too much effort is to ask for reviews and referrals for a job well done. Including a word-of-mouth marketing strategy as part of your roofing sales process ensures that your client base can keep growing without having to spend too much time generating leads for yourself.  

People trust the reviews they see online and will be more likely to book with your company if you have a long list of happy customers providing social proof for your roofing business. As an added tip, mention any referral bonuses or deals upfront during your sales pitch as a way to sweeten the deal for new potential customers and help nudge them into signing your contract over anyone else’s.  

2 – Diversify your roofing services and offerings 

Sure, installing and replacing roofs is really all your business needs to do to be successful, but offering other related services opens up a whole new clientele in your local area for your roofing company and also provides you with the opportunity to upsell on every job you get a call for.  

Some popular and easy add-ons for your roofing business could be:  

  1. Snow removal 
  2. Roof cleaning 
  3. Hurricane/storm prep
  4. Chimney cleaning
  5. Christmas light installation
  6. Roof inspection 

Offering any of these additional services at a fair price can easily maximize your profits on every roofing job, as well as generate some extra leads for your business without too much extra effort.  

3 – Follow up with leads immediately 

Nowadays, software like Roofgraf enables roofing companies to generate and send quotes to homeowners in minutes, rather than sending a sales rep or contractor out to the home to measure the roof manually.  

With the internet, and all the new technologies available for people to do any kind of work faster than ever, people expect results instantly. This means that taking any more time than your competitors need to create and send a roofing proposal can cost you the sale.  

Make sure that as soon as a quote request comes through, you’re using a software to quickly measure and quote the home so that you can get back to the potential client as soon as possible and grab the sale. You don’t want to have to work even harder to revive any ‘dead’ roofing leads, after all.  

4 – Play hard to get, but not TOO hard to get 

Evoking a little scarcity can be a good thing! Make it known how busy and booked you are to build trust in your abilities as a roofer. If they see that you’re high in demand, homeowners will likely assume that you’re running a popular and trusted business, and they’ll be more likely to want to book an empty spot in your calendar before it fills up and you become out of reach.  

A good roofing sales strategy for when you’re just getting started here could be scheduling blocks in your calendar that make you look busy but that you can easily cancel for your “star” clients if your other available spots don’t match their calendars. Making people feel special while also making yourself look as good as you are is a surefire way to make the roofing sale.  

5 – Do a good job 

In the same vein as our point to ask for review and referrals comes “do a good job” to begin with. This might seem like a no-brainer, but it should always be something that you keep in the back of your mind and base your business decisions and roofing sales strategies off of.  

Providing a high-quality service naturally makes people happy with your work and, therefore, more likely to review your company and refer you to their friends and family. This will easily generate more leads and roofing sales for you without putting much work in besides doing what you know best in the best way possible.  

While you should go into every sales call or meeting with a pitch in mind, you shouldn’t adopt a “one-size-fits-all” mindset. Above all, listen to what the person in front of you or at the end of the line is telling you and modify your pitch to accommodate their needs. Work on building trust, listening to the homeowner’s needs, and then move towards educating them on what the best solution for their home might be.  

This will not only build confidence in your abilities as a roofing contractor but will also give your potential clients more control over their decision to choose your company over a competitor since they’ll feel like they know enough about the job at hand to make an educated decision about their roofing project.  

6 – Try value selling 

Value selling is definitely an underused roofing sales strategy, but it shouldn’t be. Instead of selling based on the cost of a roofing service, sell the value this service will bring your roofing leads.  

To get started with value selling, work on increasing the perceived value of the roofing services you offer in your sales presentations. If your leads perceive the value of a roof replacement, for example, to be high, they’ll have less trouble paying the price for the service itself since they anticipate an improvement in their quality of life and an increase in the value of their home.  

Ensure that your sales team knows how to pitch your roofing business’s services and offerings based on the value they provide to potential clients, and watch as they start closing sales left and right.  

7 – Present multiple options and offers 

Use a feature like Roofgraf’s good, better, best to become your own competition and offer up to three separate quotes in one. This will effectively eliminate other roofers bidding for the job from the equation since your potential customer can choose from anything from a bargain offer to something pricier with all the bells and whistles, all from the same proposal.  

8 – Know your clients 

In the same way that you’d use a proposal with good, better, best options available to choose from, you should also know your clients and what their needs and budgets are.  

Do you operate in a well-off neighborhood where people can afford the highest quality work and materials, or are your clients more of the middle-class type who appreciates good work but doesn’t necessarily want to pay a fortune for their roof? Is this job for an essential roof repair where someone might not have much money in the budget for home improvement, or is this a vanity project for someone looking to increase the curb appeal and value of their home?  

Knowing your clients, budgets, and needs will help you build better proposals and offer only what you know they’re interested in and can afford. Close the deal by only selling what your clients are willing and able to buy, and make sure to offer premium services and upsell where appropriate.  

9 – Don’t be pushy 

While you should know how to handle objections properly, there will always come a time when you’ll need to know when “no” means “no.” You might think your roofing company is the best in the area, and the homeowner should agree, but people might have other needs and opinions, and it’s important to respect that.  

Don’t waste time trying to convince someone who isn’t interested when you can be focusing on other roofing jobs and warmer leads that are more likely to close.  

10 – Get your quote right the first time 

Use a roof measurement software like Roofgraf to ensure you’re properly measuring the roof and quoting homeowners the right price with fewer revisions. There’s nothing more frustrating for homeowners and roofers alike than spending hours or days going back and forth to get a roofing estimate right.  

Trust a tool that offers A.I.-powered roof measurement and automatic pitch and line type detection along with the ability to generate beautiful proposals like Roofgraf to do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus less on the preparation phase and more on getting the roof installation done right.  

In Conclusion 

Increasing your sales and growing your roofing business doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, or expensive. Implementing these 10 roofing sales tips and strategies will get you the results you need in no time.  

Try Roofgraf’s free trial and learn more about how we can support your business and help you increase your sales today.  


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