The Delicate Art of Disaster Restoration – Why Your Roofing Business is the Saving Grace

It’s no easy situation, every year thousands of homes are devastated by natural disasters across the globe. With recent catastrophic storms like Hurricane Dorian, combined with the accelerating developments of Climate Change, homeowners are more vulnerable than ever before to these “Acts of  God” and the looming threats to damage their homes. Insurance companies have reacted too,  tightening their policies around limited coverage for when these occurrences may affect their customers. Fortunately, Roofers can position themselves to be part of the solution. With recent software tool releases like ​Roofgraf​, customers can receive a quote incredibly fast and with their Roof in its original state thanks to the latest satellite imagery, empowering them to make an informed decision about the repairs required on their roof to resolve the crisis. Here are some ways to ensure  you’re ​the knight in shining armor ​ when inquiries come following the next big storm:

Generate Proposals Almost Immediately 

As frantic as these situations may be, it’s critical to be able to have the answers your potential customers are desperately looking for. Roofgraf comes equipped with the “Roof Reports” feature,  which instantly calculates the pitch and lines simply by drawing the roof lines and clicking “Apply”.  Needless to say, this enables Roofers to rapidly & accurately produce quotes and issue them to your customers and/or their insurance adjusters. This new tool is exclusive to Roofgraf, so we recommend you try it out and stay ahead of your competition as well as customer demand. Insurance companies will also appreciate the timeliness of your response, putting your business in a favorable position to deal with them and even be a recommended contractor to their clients going forward. In any case,  being prompt and well-organized with your proposals will be advantageous to both your business as well as your customer’s urgent needs.

Empathy is Your Best Asset 

A natural disaster is a staggering moment in our lives. These events can be damaging not only to people’s property, but also the well-being of your customers and their loved ones. It is vital to be kind and empathetic to these individuals, while also being understanding of their situation and recognize that they will likely be sensitive to making decisions throughout the disaster restoration process. By portraying a confident, professional & assertive presence these potential customers will take comfort in your approach. Roofgraf supports this method with polished and concise automated proposals that guide customers towards a simple and effective solution. Be sure to watch this video ​here​ in order to familiarize yourself with our process and understand how our new features work so that you can be prepared to assist your customers with ease.

Positive Service Spreads Quickly 

Of course, a natural disaster never carries a small impact, therefore by being exceptional in your proposal delivery and customer service, the individuals displaced by these storms will be very inclined to suggest your business as a solution to their surrounding neighbors and other affected friends &  family in their network. Don’t be surprised if before you know it your phone is inundated with requests for proposals to save their home just like you did with their colleagues. Tools like Roofgraf are bootstrapped for this type of sudden demand by being equipped with features like “Auto-Pitch” which can reduce your takeoff & estimating time of a single roof to ​under 5 minutes.​ Additionally, once you’ve booked up all this work, Roofgraf is equipped with a “Map View” feature to review as well as manage all your ongoing projects and quickly see the jobs your team is working on, what’s being quoted, and what is closed out and ready to bill.

All in all, these types of situations are not convenient for anyone. However, as science has indicated,  natural disasters are only going to become more prevalent in the near future and homeowners (as well as their insurance providers) will be on the lookout for Roofers that can answer the call on an emergency basis and have the tools, software, and resources necessary to save them in their moment of distress. Roofgraf takes this responsibility seriously and is committed to being your best asset when disaster strikes with our intuitive software designed to deliver impressive and accurate proposals to your customers as efficiently as possible. Try Roofgraf’s free trial today and learn more about how we can support your business.


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