Marketing your roofing business: 3 strategies you can use today

While word-of-mouth and referrals have always been the main drivers for new business in the roofing industry, many contractors tend to forget that there are other ways to grow their roofing business that require very little time, money, and effort.

Here are three easy marketing strategies to help get your roofing company in front of more eyes without breaking the bank or wasting valuable time.

1) Take advantage of social media

Being visible on social media is a great (and free!) marketing tactic to grow your business and get your company in front of more eyes. Keep your social media pages up to date with the right contact information and links to relevant pages on your website. You’ll also want to enable reviews on Facebook so any potential customers can take a look at your past client’s thoughts on your work to help them in their decision to choose your roofing company for their project. 

In terms of posts, less is more – think one to two posts a week, but make sure to set up a posting schedule to remind you to stay active online. High-quality social posts for roofers include photos of roofs that you’ve worked on, pictures of your team at work, and graphics explaining the roofing services you offer. This could include roof replacement, roof inspection, and what you specialize in (metal roofs, shingles, green roofs, etc.). Do some research on local hashtags and use a few with each post to make it easier for non-followers to come across your posts. 

You could also consider starting a YouTube channel and post some quick videos of your work on there to share to your other socials! Drone videos, time-lapses of roofing jobs, or some showcases of your best team members will do wonders to put a face to your company and show people why they should choose you over the other guys. 

2) Run ads through social media and search engines

When it comes to being a roofing contractor in the 2020s, social media and search engine ads should be a staple in any roofer’s marketing plan. Setting up paid digital ads is much easier than many might think and can do wonders for any local business looking to increase its customer base. 

Facebook ads are extremely easy to set up and tailor to reach a very specific audience. You can start as low as $5/day and either build new ads or “boost” posts you’ve already shared to your page. 

You can also set up ads through Google or Microsoft Advertising (Bing) for specific keywords or phrases that you expect your ideal customers are searching for, like “best roofing company in <state>” or “roof repair quote”. 

At this point, take a moment to set up a Google My Business account and claim your company name so that your roofing website is linked to Google. This will also help with localized SEO (search engine optimization) and will open up another area on the internet for your existing customers to leave reviews of your work.

3) Build and maintain an email list

Before the internet was as widely used as it is today, most contractors operated through word-of-mouth, newspaper ads, business cards, the Yellow Pages, and referrals to find new business. Nowadays, email marketing can be an important tool to keep prospective customers engaged in your business. 

Include a form on your website offering access to a newsletter or for a free roofing quote to collect email addresses and build an email list. From there, you can import your contacts into an email service provider (ESP) like Mailchimp or HubSpot and set up a few automated emails to return the information the homeowner requested, as well as trigger additional ones if you don’t hear back from them or close a deal within a set amount of time. 

Once the initial setup is complete, all you need to do is occasionally review your emails to make sure they’re up to date while the whole thing runs day and night without any extra work on your end! 

In Conclusion

Roofing contractors either don’t often realize the value in digital marketing or dismiss it because of how difficult they think it is, when, in reality, a few short days of work can set you up for years with little maintenance. 

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